Leading an organization through a transformation could be cumbersome even frustrating. You may have the drive, the clear vision but then you face a rock. A rock blocking all evolution. Blocking all innovations. Questioning everything what was planed to drive the transformation. A plan, a transformation which many stakeholders fully support just not just a flaw coming from your creative brain. A real good transformation plan which would catapult your organization from where it is today to a disruptive, innovative, digital company is blocked by a massive rock called “internal politics”!

How do you deal with this “Monster”? There are obviously multiple path to work with this situation. But if you want to drive sustainable transformation, lasting even after you left, retired or changed role, you need to ensure that the change becomes part of the DNA. Now many people who attended my workshops frequently came with argument that they don’t control, they don’t manage the resources. Thus many of the changes envisioned could’t be implemented because of a certain executive, because of legislation or other factors.

Don’t put yourself in the role of a victim of the system. Use the System to Change the System!

What do I mean by that?
I’ve seen many change projects failing because the change leader went into straight confrotation with the system. Energy was used to push back on a project, or an activity and trying to force change by ignoring the system. Wrong way!

Best approach I’ve seen over the years was to earn the trust by using the system as guided, as demanded from the internal politics, by execs etc. As you earn the trust, you become part of the inner circle, knowing more about the project, the system than many others who are fighting against it. With this wisdom, insights, you can drive fact based argumentation from within. Use the system to change the system!