So how do these three pillars of disruption affect that way that marketing is done? How do they affect the roles and capabilities of the marketing department? These changes can be summarised into three categories.

First of all; marking needs to evolve to become the Architect of the total customer experience. It needs to be the center of innovating customer experiences.

Marketing needs to move past being the middle of a business model. Marketing needs to represent the customer to the R&D department using insights gained from Big Data or product usage. Marketing also needs to engage customers using innovative technologies while at the same time giving each customer their own unique experience.

Secondly; marketing has to stop becoming a center of cost and instead become a center of profit and drive the company to success.

With all of the customer insights the marketing department has, along with engaging customers, there’s no one better for driving integration and finding ways to create business and loyal customers. Marketing needs to become more responsible and accountable for creating successful products and business. One could even argue that the marketing department is their next scalable business department.

Thirdly; marketing organisations need to raise the capabilities of their leadership and improve their organisation in order to lead their company into the digital transformation.

Marketing needs to evolve to create customer experiences and be a driving factor for revenue and profit. Because of this leadership and organisation capabilities need to evolve at the same rate. The marketing department needs to feel at home in the boardroom and become a trusted partner like never before. This means an elevation of people and skills, something the CMO will be crucial in doing.


We can conclude from all this that the CMO is the epicenter of the Digital Industrial Revolution. They need to become the leader in change and leverage the legitimacy of marketing to the board. They also need to bring all the key stakeholders together in a network to create the best customer experience possible. The leadership and organisation capabilities of marketing need to be raised to greater levels of excellence. They need to embrace the disruptions caused by technology, business models, and a changing culture. The CMO needs to bring about this transformation by bringing in the right talent and becoming an exceptional leader themselves. We are witnessing the era of the Disruptive CMO. Are you prepared to disrupt, or will you be the one disrupted?

Over the course of the next few weeks we will publish further articles that go deeper into Marketing Innovation and Customer Experience, the leadership behaviors of CMOS, and how to lead the change using excellence and the right people.

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