Isn’t that fun. We speak about the importance to transform for the digital industrial revolution. About how massively this revolution will be and how it will transform us. Claus Schwab from WEF speaks even about the fact that this industrial revolution will the the first which transform us human. Yet I’ve seen very few companies which took the change that serious to create a new LT position, the Chief Digital Officer.

Of course digital transformation is the task of each and everyone. Of course the CEO has to be the leader to enable the change. But if you are not as serious about this transformation as you are about your financials, how do you want to ensure that you will be successful across the whole organization.

The 4th industrial revolution will hit each and everyone in every organization. Either it will impact how you work, how you collaborate, how you enable your teams to work and operate as a network. Or it will hit you because your products, offerings will become obsolete due to technology or business model evolution. There is only one certainty. It will impact you if you want it or not.

So how do you ensure that you have full clarity on all changes this might bring? How do you ensure that every part of the business is becoming digital sensitive? How do you ensure that you fly the plane while you’re building a new one with new mindset, new culture, new products without having someone dedicated to it, someone dedicated at leadership team level with very close connection to the CEO and the board?

Depending on the size of your organization, most likely you won’t be able to if you don’t establish a new role, the role of the Chief Digital Officer, CDO, which only job is to enable the digital transformation across all parts of the organization.

I feel priviledged that in my current role I can follow my passion, enabling organizations and leaders to transform. Through this “job” I’m getting a lot of incredible insights from many executives. But one thing scares me at nearly every conversation. The GAP between what is happening and where companies and executives are. See also my previous blog.

So do you have an internal Chief Digital Officer? Do you ensure that every parts, every piece, every leader of the organization clearly understands the needs for change? Do you have someone which day to day job is solely to pave the road to change? If not, think about. Get in touch with me if you’d like to get my view on the profile, on the JD of such a CDO. I’d love to hear if you already have such a role in place and the experiences you gained with it.