CASH, the foundation for any disruptive transformation. No CASH, no change.

But unlike what you probably think now, CASH is this case not the monetary value but the core leadership capabilities needed from every leaders to build a disruptive organization.


In previous posts we covered the foundational organizational capabilities being Mindset, Innovation, Network of capabilities and Transformational Excellence. In Short MINT.

But no organization can survive without strong leadership capabilities. And to be precise, I don’t mean Hierarchical  Leadership Capabilities or capabilities of managers. Leadership capabilities are demanded from everyone in a network, not just a few managers or leadership team.

So what does CASH has to do with leadership capabilities? Simple. Leaders, at all levels, in all role, need to be Connected, Agile, Sharing Wisdom and act as a Human to Human – CASH.


Leaders of transforming disruptive organizations need to be strongly connected with everything. Connected with themselves, knowing where they are strong at. Connected with their people, knowing where they are strong at. Connected with the market, the environment, with customers. Leaders need to develop a sense and be receptive for any type of signals, trends, insights which might become an opportunity or a risk.

While this sounds quite simple, most leaders will have challenges with this already. When was last time you just set with a customer and listened to without trying to sell. When was the last time you set in the cafeteria and just listened to young Gen X network members showing you the latest greatest app? When was the last time you worked in an open environment and just absorbed the buzz, themes, trends? When was the last time you joined a completely disrupted conference like C2?

If you are not connected to the environment, trends, employees, trend setters, how do you want to lead a disruption?


Walking on unpaved roads is the new standard. Get used to it. The pace of transformation, innovation and disruption goes that fast that in majority of the case, no one can predict what will happen in two years. Of course you can detect bigger trends which will last, like Cloud, Mobile etc. But you don’t know which network, which startup might be already on its way to disrupt you!

So knowing that transformation is happening at speed of light. Why do you think that a business plan created for 2-3 years actually will really last for that long. Agility is thus a critical element for a disruptive company.

Leaders must learn to fail fast, adjust, learn and relaunch very fast.

So with such a speed, any measurement, any scorecard, built for a longer period will support you to fail.

Develop new agile methods to help you tracking your progress. Leverage your network, customers to get real time insights and be connected to react very fast to any changes.

Sharing Wisdom

Many years ago we heard the term – Information is Power.

Nowadays, sharing information with your network is the power. By sharing learning, wisdom, insights at speed of light in a network of capabilities, you enable innovation and agility.

Many leaders and organizations are not sharing wisdom actively. Either it’s a top down “prescriptive guideline” or then insights are not flowing freely in the org. Especially failures  are not being shared freely.

So if you, your leaders, your organization is not sharing insights, wisdom within the organization due to fear of disclosing failure, mistakes or even success, how do you want to be disruptive? You won’t have all insights, trends. You won’t have insights, wisdom of what worked what not. Most importantly you won’t leverage the collective brain power and collective wisdom of your talents. Your competition will!

Explore possibilities to enable a social communication approach in your org. Share and listen to wisdom from everyone in the organization. Someone may have a clue which whill ignite a bigger disruption.

Human to Human

Rather than stressing the role as company manager, disruptive leaders need to act as constant coach for their talents and teams. Disruptive Leaders need to understand the cultural change we are undergoing. They must understand that Gen Y Talents are chosing company to work for and not being chosen. Financial rewards is not anymore the solely driver for company loyalty. Recognition, being valued, purpose and values are the new retention tools, of course benefits still plays a role.


If so, why are, according to Gallup Research, only 13% of employees actively engaged?

Develop Talents, become a talent gardener, treat them as human, value and inspire them. Raise the bar on employee engagement. Lead as Human to Human.