Here is what may sound as first esoteric blurb, but which is not the case at all. Listening to your inner self, to your gut feelings is something which has nearly disappeared in the corporate world.

We are overwhelmed by business plans, numbers, and facts which makes us, if we are not careful, slaves of our own created rationales. When did you question a number last time although the number was backed with serious analytics and number crunching? When did you decide against all odds despite the data?

Leaders have to listen more to their gut feelings, bridging the left side of the brain with the right side of it. Only by combining rational data with experience and gut feeling a well thought through decision can be made.

This per se is nothing new and various very successful leaders have applied that practice every day. But this is still very uncommon in today’s corporate environment. It seems as the instincts of various leaders have been armored with concrete and thus don’t even get seeds of gut feeling landing on a fruitful soil.

Sir Richard Brandson write in his book “Like a Virgin” that core point for success is to be yourself, know yourself and trust yourself. Why are new young startup partially so successful and are able to push long standing companies out of business. Because of passion, gut feeling, energy and trust to build something BIG, while maybe data would show something else.

When was the last time you listened to your inner self? When did you made last time decisions based on your gut feelings, listen yourself?