Innovate, disrupt, pioneer, invent, recreate. All needed to be successful in the digital industrial revolution. However to do so, the right mindset is needed (see earlier blog) and failure. Wait?! Failure?  What is common amongst most start-up and also in various culture is in most companies, cultures and leadership behaviors a no go – failure. Failing is not an option or is it?

If you are pioneering, innovating and disrupting then failure is part of the game. Only with failure, with mistake one can push the boundaries to new levels. Unfortunately in most companies trying to evolve failure is not an option or is not rewarded. Are you rewarding failure? Are you rewarding making mistake and learning from them to become better based on these insights?

Excellence is the foundation for Creativity and innovation

Now making mistakes doens’t mean that the basics, the foundation shouldn’t be taken care of. In fact if basics aren’t managed well, corrections of error will always be the discussion topic instead of insights from failure in process of innovation.