First day at C2 Montreal. After various sessions with speakers, brain dates etc, one key question came along which exactly relates to the topic of working as a network in the MINT Framework and working Human to Human in the CASH Framework.

Do you work with friends or colleagues?

Quite a disruptive question, isn’t. Do you have to separate work from life? Do you achieve same level of performance working with colleagues nine to five, versus working with friends which you would also go and have fun with?

Ideo CEO Tim Brown and Chief Creative Officer Paul Bennett have shared their perspective at C2.

Let me share you mine. Working with colleagues will bring you where you want. But working with friends will exceed it. Friendship is a simple word for so many important underlying aspects, relations of human beings. Trust, compassion and many more are forming what we call then friendship. I’ve seen and experienced myself. Team who are working with friends excel performance by magnitudes. Teams working just as colleagues are average. They only share what has to.

So it is imperative in the new work environment to work as friends. It is the foundation to operate as a network.

I’m thankful that, especially in my previous role, I was able to work with my team as working with friends. Are you?