Allright. You’ve made some progress towards a disruptive organization. You’ve created right mindset, innovations are on their way and you’ve been able to convice the board/LT that working like a network will leverage the talent potential and bring the company to new heights.

But how do you ensure that this is not just an initiative, that it will last until the company is truly disruptive? How do you ensure that innovations, new mindset is part of the culture? Change Excellence is the answer, but few are doing it.

You’ve done an MBA/eMBA?! Congratulations! For sure you’ve had many lectures on change management or even reviewed in depth the change process from HBR’ John P. Kotter. But let me ask you this: If so many of us have done, heard or at least got in touch somehow with the change management process, why isn’t that being done in a perfect way for every changes?

I’m fortunate having been able to see into many organizations, talked to many leaders. One observation which stroke me frequently is the lack of a formal change plan, the lack of driving change with a clearly defined process and tracked at the top level every day. If change is so critical, why aren’t many leader’s taking this very seriously?

Let me be very clear. Without driving Change Excellence, your best plans to become a disruptive organization will fail. Period. You will be busy fixing small details because they were not counted in your plans. You will be busy trying to find the right words to ensure that no political barriers in the org are being hurt. Ultimately you may end up that decisions are not being taken because of fear of doing the wrong thing and thus innovation will very quickly fade away, making space for a fake change communication.

Becoming a disruptive organization is a huge endeavor. A massive change in the way you work, a drastic change in the way how you operate and a complete turnover on how you work with your talents. This will not happen without fundamental change management plan.

So for your own change, have you set the burning platform, have you created a clear and crisp vision which everyone is endorsing? So far I BET you said yes to all. But have you identified all influencing stakeholders and understand politics beyond the hierarchy? Have you taken the most critical and recognized shadow leaders in the process? Have you created a clear change plan including milestones, communicated it broadly? Are you tracking progress along ALL steps and milestones and implement learning along? This is where I BET you either said No or Mhmmm….

I’ve rarely seen a clear change management and communication plan and a cohesive approach to ensure the plan is evolving.

Most companies are great setting the burning platform and vision but then jump straight into measuring the new world in a scorecard. At the very best there were plans for new offerings, solutions or way of working. But rarely a clear change plan.

So tell me. If you are not managing change, how do you want to succeed? Change Excellence is the foundation to become a disruptive business.