Just a few days ago this year’s C2 Montreal conference ended. Time to reflect and to make some conclusions. While there has been many great speakers, insights, conversations and so called brain dates, one thing stands-out for me. The gap is getting bigger and bigger.

What gap? The gap between inspirational and disruptive leaders, businesses and technologies and the rest.

Innovations, inspirations and disruptions were all on the daily agenda of the C2 conference and also on all side conversations. Amazing talents, creative ideas and new concepts where shared. But one thing kept coming in my mind. How should a traditional business ever cope with this speed of innovation, transformation. Will a leader ever be able to transform his organization to become discruptive or are most companies “doomed” to die and make space for new innovative companies?

I guess also here we can look at the past, at the first industrial revolution. Some companies simply didn’t understood and weren’t able to transform. They passed away. Some suddendly were marginalized in to a niche which also could be a path, all dependent on apetite. Some were able to transform. To which cluster of companies will you belong to? Will you be able to bridge the gap? Find it out in a free 30 Minute Executive Coaching call, helping you to identify your path to disruption. Register here for your first free 30 Minute journey.

No doubt, in any cases you need to ignite your journey to transformation before it’s too late and the gap becomes bigger.