Mindset. Foundation to success to become a disruptive organization. Do you have it? Does your team, your direct report your whole organization has it? How do you get it? How do you break-up concrete in your head or organization and create a fruitful soil for the right mindset, enabling innovations to grow? Read-on:

One of the most difficult yet critical element to enable a disruptive organization is to have the right mindset. As written in my previous article, having the right mindset, the right attitude is foundational to success, is the first pillar of transformation.

But how do you create the first spark which enables a new mindset, where do you get inspired which then creates fruitful soil for innovations to grow? One approach is to get inspired, experience a new world, something never seen before. Approaching a new mindset by being WOWed, making the connection between emotional and rational experience. Experiential Learning is the buzz-word.

Now you can find various ways or week-long leadership trainings which guides you through such an approach with checklist, best practices etc. OR you attend the C2 Conference in Montreal. C2 has been named for two years in row by Bizbash as the most innovative conference worldwide.

My first reaction/reflection after I attended C2 for first time was: WOW…

My brain couldn’t stop thinking about the attended sessions but also how to connect the dots and make an impact from it. It impressed me so much that at time (3 years ago) I agreed with my personal executive coach that one of my personal coaching commitment was to become a C2 Ambassador.

A year later I wasn’t an ambassador – I was a speaker together with the CEO of the One Drop foundation, Catherine Bachand. 

Why am I telling you that? Simple!

If you have been for years in the wheels of coporate scorecard or even acting like a leming driven by scorecards with thousands of metrics on it, it is difficult to change over night. Most likely your brain, your mind, is full of scorecard metrics, full of concrete. Very limited space to have fruitful soil as foundation for new ideas. You might be caught in your 500 mails a day and back-to-back schedule not even leaving you 5 minutes for a break. You might be leaving the office at the end of the day asking yourself what have I done today to enable disruption.

This is were I strongly recommend to be inspired, getting new views of the world which will serve you as a spark to get the right mindset. A spark to break up the concrete in your brain and create a first surface of fruitful soil for the right mindset.

Go to C2, get your mind getting blown away, get inspired, get energized and use the energy to create your mindset for change.

With this new energy, become the role model of a leader in your organization. Demonstrate how with the right mindset and creative ideas, new areas can be explored as foundation for disruption. Demonstrate the innovation and creativity are not against achieving success. Demonstrate that excellence is the foundation to creativity. Creativity is the soil for disruption.

In the coming days I’ll publish a package for disruptive experience at C2. A special offer/package which should spark the disruption in you. If you are interested, get in touch through any channels available. Lastly, to be transparent, yes I’m very connected with C2. Not because of financials but because I believe this is a fantastic path to disruption. See you in Montreal!