Everyone would agree with the statement that people are the most important assets of a company. I don’t think I’ve ever met a leader/manager which would say publicly the opposite. However there is a different between saying and acting.

Is your people agenda truly built on building success based on your people. Are you coaching or directing your directs? What culture are you living with your people? Are you a Talent Gardener or a process manager?

Rather than stressing the role as company manager, disruptive leaders need to act as constant coach for their talents and teams. Ambitious and passionate talents are the key to success. The ability of a business leader to sense the potential of talents, to foster and inspire them and lead with humility and humanity, will have a sustainable impact on your company’s presence and future. Not only will you create sustainable success, but also build an organization whose talents will want to work for it, as the company operates with values.

Leaders acting as Talent Gardener are first and foremost ensuring that their teams, their people have the right environment to perform and feel recognized. Talent Gardener are making other’s great, ignite the fire within the employees. By knowing the strengths of each individuals of a team, a talent gardener can ensure their top performer are following a path for their next career steps based on their strengths and not based on a typical career path within an organization. You wouldn’t plant a palm in the alp either – not the strengths of a palm tree to survive in snow! Why would you “plant” a talent in a role which doesn’t fit their strengths? Just because it’s a common procedure to go from role A to B? In such case you are for sure not a talent gardener.

In order to become a talent gardener, leader must not only LOVE to work with people, love the fire being ignited with their passion is unleased and see how they can grow reaching the stars. They must also love making them succesful, growing them and letting them go. Leadership capabilities are here at the core. This will be the area we will cover over the next few weeks. How leadership capabilities needs to evolve to transform a company into a disruptive business. What are the key elements that a leader must be very close to become a talent gardener.

Over my several years being a people manager, one thing I loved the most is watching my team members growing into new space they never thought of before because they unleased their passion and connected with the right role. They all achieved levels, roles never expected before, they became themselves Talent Gardener. This is how then small teams could suddendly make huge impact into a multi-national corporation.

Are you already a talent gardener?