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Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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The digital industrial revolution will require company to understand, experience the possible, opening their mindset and enabling their organizational capabilities to be innovative. Engage Christian for your event, executive retreat or customer meeting. Beside delivering keynotes, talks, sessions at various universities and business conferences, Christian is also working closely with C2, an award winning business conference which is setting new standards to open mindset of executives for innovation and creativity.


Leveraging the right mindset, sparked through inspirational session is a critical element to disruption. Best approach to drive sustainable impact is not through consulting but through coaching, enabling executives to find their path. As a certified executive coach Christian is working with executives evolving from inspiration to action.


When mindset of a leader and of an organization is right, talent gardening and talent identification is the next key element. As a partner of oprandi & partner, an international personnel consulting group, Christian is working with disruptive organizations and executives to recruit the right talents for the future. Critical element is also to ensure that tealents are kept in the organization and nurture the company culture. Talent Gardening vs. just hire.

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Why 2/3 of companies won’t survive the 4th industrial revolution

Its been quiet here since last October, when I was fortunate enough to work with many companies internationally, trying to help them to understand the 4IR, change their company, or coach their executives to be ready for the 4IR. After all these discussions, workshops,...

The 4th industrial revolution – Opportunity or Risk for Swiss SMB’s?

With 99.7% of companies with less than 250 employees, it is clear that the backbone of the Swiss Economy are Small and Medium Businesses. But what are the risks or opportunities that the Swiss businesses are facing with the 4th industrial revolution. Are all...

Digital transformation is an attitude, do you have it?

Here we go again. In a recent meeting with a corporation I had that feeling, experience again. The company was very vocal about the change they need to go through. Everyone was enthusiastic about transforming the company, about becoming the next big thing in their...

The Artistry of Leadership – Insights from Cirque du Soleil for the 4th industrial revolution

I admit, at first glance circus arts and business seem to describe opposite matters. But let me explain my thoughts on the title I chose. As defined by the Oxford dictionary, art signifies “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...

Speed ant the 4th Industrial Revolution

In my earlier post about the trust of the 4th industrial revolution we discussed the key principle that the revolution is driven by human behaviors and expectations, enabled by technology. Another critical element is speed. The pace of change in this industrial...

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About Christian Frei

Christian Frei, a leader in the Digital Industrial Revolution, coaches individuals and organizations to proactively disrupt their industries. CEO of InspiredView and Partner with oprandi&partner, an international personnel consulting group, Christian passionately supports change leadership and the new marketing philosophy that the digital revolution demands.

A former executive with Microsoft Western Europe, Christian is highly regarded for igniting ideas and energizing others, and he earned numerous Microsoft performance awards over his 17 years with the company. Also a global speaker, Christian has presented at prestigious conferences and universities including the Haas Business School at University of California at Berkley; Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley; the Lorange Institute in Switzerland; the DeGroote/McMaster Business School in Canada and the c2mtl Conference in Montreal.

Christian is a Certified Executive Coach and earned his Master of Marketing from ZfU International Business School in Zurich, where his Magna Cum Laude 2009 thesis accurately predicted the current transformation in the marketing discipline today. Actively involved with the One Drop Foundation as a volunteer and brand ambassador, he also serves as a Board Member of the International Advertiser Association (IAA) Swiss Chapter.  Christian lives outside Zurich with wife and children.